As I continue to read about marketing, I’m seeing new aspects and gathering more questions to ask myself about each advertisement I come across.  Here’s a running list of things I’m thinking about.


Our Professor started us off with these ones:

1.  What kind of task is this promotion intended for – it is meant to be informative, persuasive, a reminder…?
2.  Consider that there are different messages depending upon the life cycle of the organization and the product.
3.  Consider the type and placement of the promotion.
4.  Consider the audience in terms of whether they are early or late adopters, etc.

Lec 01

Marketing always implies some form of exchange.  What is the exchange suggested here?

Lec 02

Marketing goals often differ between the for-profit and not-for-profit worlds.  In traditional marketing the emphasis is on the product, but it can also promote the intangible such as an experience or the organizational mission.  Where is the emphasis for this promotional piece?

How does this promotion try to influence consumer behaviour?

What types of marketing opportunities are being developed?

  • Market penetration
  • Geographic expansion
  • New markets
  • Offer modification
  • Offer innovation
  • Geographical innovation
  • Total innovation

Lec 03

What is the Marketing Mindset behind the advertisement?

  • Sales
  • Audience
  • Product
  • Organization

Who is the Target Audience?

Does it reach the intended Target Audience?

Explain the apparent target audience in terms of Segmentation Type:

  • Geographic
  • Demographic
  • Psychographic
  • Usage/Frequency
  • Benefit

Does the target audience seem either too Broad or too Vague?

Is the Form and Placement appropriate and consistent with the message?

Are the Benefits to the consumer clear?  Are they tangible or quantifiable?

Lec 06

What does the ad communicate about the organization/company brand?  Are they staying consistent to their mandate?

Lec 07

How does this organization make use of digital and social media marketing techniques?

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