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Brand musings: pass the Kleenex!

7 Mar

Sometimes a brand is marketed so successfully that it become synonymous with the product itself.  Case in point: Kleenex.

This truth became readily apparent when Google image results for Kleenex turned up dozens of unidentified boxes of tissue, such as the one below:

Some other brands that fit this category:

Google = web search

Rice Krispies = popped rice cereal OR chewy squares made from these

Corn Flakes = flaked corn cereal

Ziplock bags = resealable bags

Vaseline = petroleum jelly

Chapstick = lip moisturizer

Speedo = fitted swim shorts

Sharpie = permanent marker

Q-tips = cotton swabs

Post-its = sticky notes

Jell-O = gelatin dessert

Play-Doh = children’s modeling clay

Band-Aids = adhesive bandages


And many, many drugs, for example:

Advil = ibuprofen

Tylenol = acetaminophen

Aspirin = acetylsalicylic acid


A bunch of these were taken from a great blog called Reflections of Pop Culture & Life’s Challenges.  Check out the post here for even more products!

This can only be a testament to amazing marketing that has earned consumer trust over time.

Swiss Chalet: The Winter Special

7 Mar

Creating seasonal new menu items

I was enjoying the thought of going out for dinner the other night, and had my Swiss Chalet order mentally prepared.  This lovely stand-up picture on the table caught my eye, and like magic, my order changed.

What better way to drum up business than to come up with new products!  In Swiss Chalet’s case, they’re still promoting their signature specialty – rotisserie chicken – but it’s dressed up to be seasonally appropriate.   That’s expanding your market opportunity: offer modification and innovation.  A bonus: it’s time-limited!  Hurry in and try it before it’s taken off the menu!  Hmmmm…pretty clever.


7 Mar

Musicworks makes full use of digital and social media promotional opportunities: a tremendous and ever-increasing must for the modern organization.

They’ve got:

  • Tweets by the Editor
  • Emailed newsletters
  • Exclusive deals through social media
  • Emailed, time-limited promotions

And with their new website just about ready to launch, they’re in a great position with strong digital presence.  Coming soon, they’ll offer digital subscriptions, exclusive members-only access to in-depth magazine extras, discussion communities, streamed music, and much more!


6 Mar

This is just darling:

Sapphire Mink EMBA from Maximilian.

Appeared in Harper Bazaar’s, December 1951.

Asking Santa for this present – message to the man in her life!

Also, perhaps: men are attracted to women in mink – even Santa!

EMBA mink

6 Mar

I was going through my grandmother’s stuff after she passed away a couple weeks ago, and opened her closet to find a national park’s worth of fur coats. / wardrobe to find a Narnian supply of fur coats.  Mink seemed to be her favourite, all inscribed with the descriptor “EMBA”.  A Google search brought up

For you curious young people out there, EMBA is a brand of farmed mink that was especially prized for its quality and luxuriousness.  EMBA prides itself in the richness and variety of available colours – all of which are natural as supposed to dyed.


– funny to see this advertisement from the 70s: has many elements of advertising today
– also very different, as almost wholly text-based

Deal Sites Part 2: Travel!

6 Mar




Nose Hair, Part 2

22 Feb

Panasonic Nose Trimmer

Here’s an update I found on this one: it’s even more thought-out than I imagined!  This is advertising special technology for sensitive nose hairs.  The company chose to use electrical wire to evoke the feeling of danger when using a conventional trimmer.  The ad for this model – in all its crass attention-grabbing glory – promises to put that fear to rest.