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Swiss Chalet: The Winter Special

7 Mar

Creating seasonal new menu items

I was enjoying the thought of going out for dinner the other night, and had my Swiss Chalet order mentally prepared.  This lovely stand-up picture on the table caught my eye, and like magic, my order changed.

What better way to drum up business than to come up with new products!  In Swiss Chalet’s case, they’re still promoting their signature specialty – rotisserie chicken – but it’s dressed up to be seasonally appropriate.   That’s expanding your market opportunity: offer modification and innovation.  A bonus: it’s time-limited!  Hurry in and try it before it’s taken off the menu!  Hmmmm…pretty clever.

Nose Hair, Part 2

22 Feb

Panasonic Nose Trimmer

Here’s an update I found on this one: it’s even more thought-out than I imagined!  This is advertising special technology for sensitive nose hairs.  The company chose to use electrical wire to evoke the feeling of danger when using a conventional trimmer.  The ad for this model – in all its crass attention-grabbing glory – promises to put that fear to rest.

Nose Hair

22 Feb


Now here’s a clever advertising idea: designing the ad to make use of its immediate surroundings.  The draw is obviously humour.