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6 Mar

This is just darling:

Sapphire Mink EMBA from Maximilian.

Appeared in Harper Bazaar’s, December 1951.

Asking Santa for this present – message to the man in her life!

Also, perhaps: men are attracted to women in mink – even Santa!

EMBA mink

6 Mar

I was going through my grandmother’s stuff after she passed away a couple weeks ago, and opened her closet to find a national park’s worth of fur coats. / wardrobe to find a Narnian supply of fur coats.  Mink seemed to be her favourite, all inscribed with the descriptor “EMBA”.  A Google search brought up

For you curious young people out there, EMBA is a brand of farmed mink that was especially prized for its quality and luxuriousness.  EMBA prides itself in the richness and variety of available colours – all of which are natural as supposed to dyed.


– funny to see this advertisement from the 70s: has many elements of advertising today
– also very different, as almost wholly text-based