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Brand musings: pass the Kleenex!

7 Mar

Sometimes a brand is marketed so successfully that it become synonymous with the product itself.  Case in point: Kleenex.

This truth became readily apparent when Google image results for Kleenex turned up dozens of unidentified boxes of tissue, such as the one below:

Some other brands that fit this category:

Google = web search

Rice Krispies = popped rice cereal OR chewy squares made from these

Corn Flakes = flaked corn cereal

Ziplock bags = resealable bags

Vaseline = petroleum jelly

Chapstick = lip moisturizer

Speedo = fitted swim shorts

Sharpie = permanent marker

Q-tips = cotton swabs

Post-its = sticky notes

Jell-O = gelatin dessert

Play-Doh = children’s modeling clay

Band-Aids = adhesive bandages


And many, many drugs, for example:

Advil = ibuprofen

Tylenol = acetaminophen

Aspirin = acetylsalicylic acid


A bunch of these were taken from a great blog called Reflections of Pop Culture & Life’s Challenges.  Check out the post here for even more products!

This can only be a testament to amazing marketing that has earned consumer trust over time.