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Branding the experience

7 Mar

Still on the topic of branding…

This also ties heavily into our discussion in Lec 02 about marketing an experience vs. a product.

What about places?  Places and spaces such as cities, districts, and even whole countries all have their own ‘feel’.  The prospective consumer is attracted by the experience as a whole – the ‘brand’ so to speak.

Florida is branded as the “Sunshine State” with beaches, dolphins, and palm trees.

Toronto is the capital of multiculturalism.

Paris in the spring is a lover’s lodestone.

Vegas is “Sin City”

Europe as a whole screams CULTURE.

Disney is the “Happiest Place on Earth”

What happens, then, when this branding goes amuck?  Here I’m thinking of places like the city of Walkerton who had to work very hard to build up their reputation as a quaint tourist destination after their water disaster in 2000.

As a further thought, some places also look to re-brand with a new experience.  I’ll update with some ideas on this theme.