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A Case of Branding: Rhinoplasty gone wrong

7 Mar

Jennifer Gray, most famous for her role as Baby in Dirty Dancing, made a huge career mistake in the the 1990s.

Her decision to go under the knife negatively affected her brand to the point that she lost her fame and celebrity status.

She quotes,

“I went in the operating room a celebrity – and came out anonymous.”

She even contemplated changing her name – a complete re-brand that would allow her to start her career all over.

As we discussed in Lec 06, companies and organizations have to be so careful to maintain a constent brand image that the public and consumer can readily associate with them. In Gray’s case, it was her unique facial features that made her famous.

Her recent involvement as a contestant in Dancing With the Stars has partly helped to recover her public image.

It certainly can be done, and companies have similarly accomplished this feat.  Think back to the days when Ford was synonymous with ‘junk on wheels’.  Now Ford proudly enjoys its status as a manufacturer of safe, reliable vehicles…with Mazda parts!