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Jumblies Theatre – Like an Old Tale

7 Mar

Jumblies came to do a presentation today for a bunch of Arts Management students, talking about their current outreach projects and community work.

It was nice  – and gave us a good feeling for their brand – that our warm-up exercise had the flavour of the very projects they undertake in the community.

This organization is definitely audience-centered: their entire focus and reason for existence is to build community and bring people together, having them sharing stories, etc. through art.

The video below is a shows a tiny snapshot of Jumblies’ community work in 2010.

Tim Hortons gets SUPERSIZED

6 Mar

So what started, I imagine, as a dollars-driven shift to streamline their production turned into a much-hyped value-add for Canadian customers.

Who doesn’t like the idea of getting a tangible more for the same price?

Their approach is so much more effective than if they simply added a ‘jumbo’ size to their current lineup.  The perceived value that the customer retains goes a long way to making them feel pretty cozy about Timmy’s right now.  And to have customer goodwill bundled with their purchase is just about the holy grail of any marketing campaign.