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7 Mar


Like Musicworks, Bees’Knees is another arts organization that’s working to digitally position themselves in the best possible way.

I wanted to include their latest newsletter I just received in my inbox this week, but I can’t figure out how to straighten out the formatting so it appears quasi-normal here! ¬† The important thing, though, is that this organization has an e-list and sends out regular newsletters advertising everything from upcoming classes and special events, to her other business, selling natural nut butters.

They also make use of social media to enlist last-minute dancers to balance out class gender ratios.


7 Mar

Musicworks makes full use of digital and social media promotional opportunities: a tremendous and ever-increasing must for the modern organization.

They’ve got:

  • Tweets by the Editor
  • Emailed newsletters
  • Exclusive deals through social media
  • Emailed, time-limited promotions

And with their new website just about ready to launch, they’re in a great position with strong digital presence. ¬†Coming soon, they’ll offer digital subscriptions, exclusive members-only access to in-depth magazine extras, discussion communities, streamed music, and much more!